Our team

Building the future of neuroprosthetics together

We are an international team of innovators, committed to the vision of restoring sight to blind individuals. We harness powerful synergies between neuroscience and engineering, continuously pushing the boundaries of technology to impact health and society.

Our team
Bert Monna (CEO & co-founder)
Bert is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in growing start-ups, from inception to acquisition (with >20 employees) in high-tech and deep-tech industries, complemented by a background in electronics and technical systems engineering. He was previously co-founder and director of SystematIC, and co-founder and CEO of Hyperion Technologies.
Pieter Roelfsema (CSO & co-founder)
Pieter is the Director of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. His research focuses on the visual system, specializing in the development of neurotechnology for high-bandwidth visual prostheses to restore a rudimentary form of sight. He coordinates the Dutch neurotechnology initiative, NeuroTech-NL.
Xing Chen (co-founder)
Xing is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, specializing in brain-computer interfaces, visual neuroscience, blindness, and microstimulation. She develops high-channel-count neuroprostheses in non-human primates and demonstrated proof-of-concept for the generation of artificial vision in the blind.
Rick Schuurman
Professor of Neurosurgery at the Amsterdam UMC, expert in deep brain stimulation.
Edward Young
Medical product specialist, expert in device safety.
Nick Halper
CEO of Neuromatch, expert in business strategy.
Lisa Kirchberger
Project Manager
Stijn Balk
Design Engineer
Patricija Burgar
Biomedical Engineer
Kate Langan
Medical Implant Engineer