Blindness is


The quest of restoring vision in blind patients through a brain prosthesis is on the verge of becoming reality. We are hiring!

Our goal is to provide profoundly blind people with artificial vision via an implant in the visual cortex, allowing people to recognise objects, navigate more independently, and enjoy enhanced quality of life.

Phosphoenix has raised pre-seed financing provided by the TTT Medtech Fund, FIRST Fund and Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland, for the development of a brain prosthesis that stimulates nerve cells in parts of the brain involved in visual perception. Our ground-breaking pre-clinical work was published in the top academic journal, Science. View our press release for more information.

Our mission

We are creating the world’s first large-scale, chronically implanted, wireless device that imparts visual percepts directly to the visual cortex, through the translation of fundamental neuroscience insights into clinical applications.

What we do

We create breakthrough technology by combining expertise across the fields of brain-machine interfaces, neuroscience, materials science, microchip fabrication, artificial intelligence, and wireless power and communications.

Our neuroprosthesis will enable blind people to regain functional vision, even after extensive damage to the eye or optic nerve.


Phosphoenix BV seeks an exceptional Senior Medical Implant Engineer with a strong theoretical background, hands-on experience, and can-do attitude. For more information on this position, please refer to our job posting.

We envision a future in which profoundly blind people can see again, even after decades of darkness.

Who we are

Phosphoenix is a neurotechnology company, spun off in 2019 from the NESTOR programme (supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). The co-founders are a closely knit team of leading neuroscientists, electronic engineers, and entrepreneurs.


With the right partners, funding, and resources, we aim to achieve our goals within a timeframe of several years.
Interested in being part of this ambitious, life-changing journey? Contact us for more information regarding our future plans and investment needs!


Bert Monna (CEO)
Hyperion Technologies,
SystematIC design,

Xing Chen
Expert in brain stimulation.
Assistant Professor,
University of Pittsburgh

Pieter R. Roelfsema
Expert in visual perception.
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (KNAW)

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